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 We are so passionate about eliminating unnecessary stress and overwhelm from the lives of women by simplifying their everyday bag.

female entrepreneur family brand designer Left to Right: Steph (CEO + Co-Founder), Duke, Blair, Reagan, Blake, Vince (COO + Co-Founder)

A Quick Note from Steph

Hi, friend!

As a wife, mom of 4, and former corporate executive, I know that life can sometimes (or oftentimes) feel overwhelming.  But what I have found helpful for me in eliminating those stressors are organization and systems in my everyday life.  Like you may have felt before, I have had that feeling of overwhelm and a messy and subpar bag certainly contributes to that feeling!

Whether you’re using your Austin | Fowler bag for work, family outings, travel, or just every day, you can feel confident that it was designed with systems and features to help keep you organized on the go. 

When you’re organized on the go, you’re a calmer person.  And when the bag is chic and polished, you feel more confident.  Something as simple as your every day bag can allow you to show up as your best self to be ready for whatever the day brings!

Austin | Fowler bags are used as work bags, diaper bags, travel bags, and everyday carry-all.  Our style is classic and our products are designed with every mom, traveler, and busy professional in mind.  We're so thrilled that you've found us!

Stay Inspired,

CEO + Co-Founder


P.S. We're often asked where the name Austin | Fowler comes from....I love sharing the meaning!  Austin is my maiden name and represents the classic and chic style I have always loved and Fowler is my married name (my husband Vince is the other Co-Founder), and that represents the functionality I craved after having four babies!



Austin | Fowler began in 2015

Tens of thousands of Austin | Fowler products are now being carried by women and families throughout the world.