10 versatile ways to use your Everyday Packing Totes


everyday packing totes organized bag diaper bag work bag

In the busy life of any woman, it is crucial to stay organized. The Everyday Packing Totes allow you to do just that while remaining stylish. Whether it’s organizing the car, your carry on luggage or in your backpack, the Everyday Packing Totes are the perfect answer. 

The Everyday Packing Totes are a top seller because they are so versatile and can be tailored to every lifestyle. We have included ten of the many ways they can be used: 

The most chic tech pack ever! 

Say goodbye to tangled chargers and hello to the most organized tech pack you’ve ever seen! Travel from work to home to vacation with your chargers, airpods, and tech necessities without worrying about the mess. 

A snack solution

Kids are always on the run with school, sports, clubs and friends and the Everyday Packing Totes can help keep them fed on the move. These totes can be moved from backpack to soccer bag and more filled with snacks to keep your kids nourished and energized. 

Carry cosmetics for touch-ups

The amount of lipsticks, lip glosses and chapsticks that I used to have sitting at the bottom of my bag is embarrassing. I no longer have this issue as all my makeup touch ups can be made easily and quickly without having to dig through an unorganized bag. All your makeup will be in one place with the Everyday Packing Totes. 


As a chic (and stadium compliant) purse

Going to a game and can’t bring your crossbody? Need somewhere to put your wallet, sunglasses and lip gloss that fits in stadium regulations? The Everyday Packing Totes are clear and come with a crossbody strap that will keep you stylish at any game or concert.  


First aid supplies in the car

You never know when you’re going to need to whip out a Band-Aid or an antibiotic ointment for the kids (or yourself)! Keep your first aid supplies easily at hand in a designated tote. Pro tip: keep your first aid kit in your car’s center console for easy access.

organized work bag travel bag


Pack your liquids in a carry on

Avoid those dreaded liquid leaks in your suitcase with these handy totes. The weather resistant nylon will keep all your travel necessities safe from a potential travel disaster!

travel bag work bag

Organize office supplies

Use the totes as a chic and stylish pencil case. The Everyday Packing Totes come with various sizes perfect for storing, pens, notepads and your work necessities.


Keep essentials safe at the pool and beach

The weather resistant nylon will keep your jewelry and wallet from getting ruined. The Everyday Packing Totes will keep you looking chic at the beach or pool while protecting all your essentials. 


Organize snacks and activities for a flight

Avoid digging through your carry-on bag during a flight by keeping snacks, activities and necessities in one place with the Everyday Packing Totes. You will thank us when your bag stays organized, allowing you to relax on the flight. 


Easily move essentials from one bag to another

No more stress about switching out bags! Move from backpack to purse (or vice versa) easily by storing your everyday essentials in the Everyday Packing totes.