Sunday planning day!
If you've followed along with us for any time you know that Sunday afternoon, I like to prep for the remainder of the week to ensure a smoother week ahead.

Here are a few things that I'll do:

1. Review the calendar to see what we have coming up this week and next
2. Clean out my Omaha purse, refill cash, medicine, etc. and give it a good wipe down with a leather conditioner
3. Get to email Inbox zero
4. Meal plan for the week ahead

5. Pay any bills that may be due this week

6. Ensure I have anything that needs to leave the house this week already in my car (i.e. donations, items to return, library books to drop off, etc.)

7. Complete a Weekly Review (i.e. what went well last week, what didn’t go well, what am I focusing on for the week ahead, etc.)

planning day entrepreneur mom life

These Sundays are absolutely invaluable for me in ensuring a smoother week ahead especially being a busy mama and business owner.

Do you do any sort of weekly #planning on the weekends? Tell us what's included in your routine!