The Austin | Fowler Story

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As a new mom, I was frustrated by the choices I had for diaper bags as nothing suited my taste or offered the organization I desired. I ended up purchasing a designer diaper bag which was an okay style match for me but offered nothing in the way of organization. It only included a few pockets and was otherwise a black hole. It was a chaotic mess if one of the kiddos accidentally tipped it over and all of the contents spewed out. Trying to find my keys or cell phone in a hurry just wasn't an option.

So after a fruitless search for a better alternative, my husband and I embarked on a crazy journey to create the diaper bag that I had always wanted but could never find. A diaper bag that is beautiful but also functional and unbelievably easy to keep organized.

Since our days are filled with the chaos and joy of 4 young kiddos, we have had plenty of opportunities to put our bags to the test. We crave simplicity and order due to our busy lives, so making sure that our bags are high quality, stunning, and allow for organization is of utmost importance to us. 

Austin | Fowler bags are used as diaper bags, travel bags, work totes, and everyday carry-all.  Our style is classic and our products are designed with every mom, traveler, and busy professional in mind.

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