Must Do Items Before Your Next Trip

We’re certainly entering the tail end of winter and many of us are either planning to board a plane and get out of town or at least dreaming of warmer temperatures and sunshine!

Over the years, I’ve come up with a list that I try to follow before every week-long trip so that I ensure when I come back home, I can continue the relaxation that I just enjoyed while away. Try these for yourself and see how they work for you!


Must Do Items Before Travel


  1. Confirm all reservations (hotel, rental car, etc.) - don’t want any surprises here!

  2. Coordinate rides to and from the airport, if needed

  3. Make sure all packages coming while you’re gone are held by the neighbors


  1. Go to to have mail held and scheduled to be delivered when you return

  2. Email a family member or close friend the dates you’ll be gone

  3. Schedule groceries to be delivered the day you arrive home so that you’re not hungry and stuck with an empty fridge

  4. Create a list of places to visit and restaurants to try at your destination

  5. Submit a travel plan on your bank’s website so that your debit card and credit card aren’t denied


  1. Try to use all perishables before you leave

  2. Have a meal made ahead of time and put in the freezer so that you have dinner ready the day you get back as you may be tired of eating out at that point

  3. Set lights on timers

  4. Water plants the day before you leave

  5. Empty all garbage cans in the house

  6. Fill up and wash cars

Upon Return

  1. Organize photos into digital album right away

  2. Schedule massage, to ease back into your daily routine, of course!

More important than anything, enjoy your travels and come back refreshed!