Leaving It Behind for This

It’s easy to remain comfortable. It’s easy to avoid the risk and the unknown and continue to wake up and do what we’ve always been doing. But oftentimes we have a longing for more and a belief inside of us that we were created to do much more. We can’t ignore that.

In looking back at this past year, it has been one of the most courageous years of my life. In early spring, I walked away from a corporate position that I had worked incredibly hard to attain.  I had spent years in a demanding Big 4 CPA firm, working at night on my MBA and CPA, and finally working tirelessly to get to an executive position I had dreamed about since I was young.  And it was satisfying, it was rewarding.  However, I also knew it wasn't the end of my story and I had a longing for more so I walked away and ran towards the risk of entrepreneurship and pursued building Austin | Fowler with my husband.

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For a few years until I made the leap, I would work my corporate job during the day, come home and spend time with my husband and my kids until they all went to bed and then we worked until the early hours of the morning on our business.  As you can imagine, some things had to give, and for me, I sacrificed sleep, exercise, and downtime and for my husband, it was coaching and his photography business.  I was constantly giving to my family, my career, and my business.  Until this past spring when I decided that there is no substitute for margin in my life and living life on my terms.  I had always wanted to build a business and be much more present for my family. So I walked away.  I walked away from an incredible position and an upcoming promotion and left it all behind.  My “why” for building a business was far stronger than any title, salary, or perks could ever give me.  

While you certainly sacrifice a tremendous amount of security in making such a big decision, not a day has gone by without appreciating how incredibly blessed and fortunate I am to take this risk.  Austin | Fowler is still in the growth phase and there's much to be done, but I wouldn't trade this time for anything.  I'm more present with my family and friends than I ever was before, less stressed, more excited about the endless opportunities in front of us.  But even more important to me, our kids have watched us build this business from a simple idea.  They've watched their parents take risks, work through the problems, and celebrate the victories.  They have been a part of this journey and now understand that they can build anything they want. 

While it would have been easy to stay put and enjoy a very safe and comfortable life in the corporate world, I don’t believe that’s where I’m called to be at this point in my life. I believe my life can have a bigger impact by stepping out into entrepreneurship.

So tell me, what is the bold and courageous decision that you made to chase after a dream? Or what is the decision you’re still longing to make but haven’t made the move yet?

What needs to be true for you to pursue that dream?


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